img cat coat types

Breed Groups and Coat Types

A cat’s fur is its most admired feature, and it is also an important part of its body. It is not just the basis for cat breed identification but on a functional level it: Provides a barrier between the cat’s skin and its environment Protects the cat from injury and infection Helps to regulate bo...

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grooming long-haired cats

Tips for Grooming Long-Haired Cats

Long haired cats are gorgeous! Who doesn’t love the sight of that soft flowing fur? If you have a long haired cat or are planning to bring one into your family, you will want to learn the basics of grooming a long haired cat. Show cats don’t look as good as they do without any […]...

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cat grooming basics

Cat Grooming Basics

When it comes to keeping clean and tangle free your cat will need a helping hand from you. We share our top grooming tips and advice with you. Cats are neat freaks. In fact, if you’re a cat owner, you know firsthand that your cat is a fastidious groomer. After all, it seems to spend […]...

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cat grooming

Dealing With Cat Hair

If cleaning up pet hair is part of your everyday life, there are some strategies that can help you reduce the amount of hair in your house, car, clothes and furniture. Cat hair can be a nuisance and even cause medical conditions, like allergies and asthma, to flare. Here are a few suggestions for co...

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trim your cat’s nails

How To Trim Your Cat’s Nails

Trimming your cat’s nails does not have to be stressful; with a few simple tips you can quickly and easily keep those nails short and neat and save your furniture. Nail trimming is often feared by owners who are worried about trimming them too short or are dealing with a wiggly feline. The best wa...

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